DO YOU KNOW WHAT Nels “Nelson” Jenstad enjoys the most? That is making a world where there is new art and music, better art and music, and more art and music. NEW BETTER MORE. Throw questions at him like: whats the best way to understand what I’m doing in music (as a songwriter/composer)? How do I get to the leading edge of modernism? Is it okay if I play and create in genre? Where and How do I even get started learning music?

Nelson Jenstad completed grad work in Music Psychology, teaching in Orange County, California since 1898. Also studied Jazz Improv, Harmony, Vocal, Piano, Recording and Video Production. Currently has music in rotation in UK radio, and is a composer member of ASCAP.

“Uncle Relk from Neptune” is Nelson’s current rock music project, and recent related projects were Reason & 27, The DisBlues, and the Blues Detectives. Nelson J teaches guitar, piano, bass guitar, theory, songwriting, and recording. You can find him in Tustin at Jim’s Music Center, and online at reverblessons.com.