On Music Poetics


We live by patterns.
There is also a balance to our patterns.
When you are working in cubicle and you hear Hotel California for the umpteenth time this week (face palm), you have WAY over done an unhealthy pattern of lousy listenership skills.
Life is WAY TOO DANG SHORT to keep listening to those same chart toppers over and over. It’s making our modern society even more psychotic.

Break away, be the music disruptor at your work, go ahead and get sneaky and dial the local tunes to great indie, or underground alternative, jazz or classical, but for God’s sake, kill the mindless corporate playlist. It is based on algorithms of the massses.

You are not the masses.

Neither were the songwriters who put those songs out and got lucky.
Here’s how to monley wrench the office music. Lower the volume gradually so it doesn’t attract attention. Dial in a good station – indie, jazz, classical or your choice station. Don’t mention anything about it. Nonchalantly slink back to your cubicle. Just take a fresh breath – without the worry of hearing Don’t Stop Believing. At least for a while until someone there your Dunder Mifflin Corp starts missing Always Something There To Remind Me, and you have to return to ear buds.  *sigh*

So. Do you have any idea (you probably do, cause your reading this) how many AMAZING alternative bands are churning out every kind of mind-blowing music? And that can be anything from beautiful ingenious sweet to powerful what-have-you.
Okay – And so, with that, YOU are a creative musical person!

Some people have tons of experience and can clearly tap into all their memories, dreams and ideas, (really?) and have notebooks and music notes and ideas in their electronic devices and simply write one brilliant song after another.
This is rather rare actually. Some working bands have good creative outputs, but many of us, still trying to keep a roof above, gas in the car, and something to eat occasionally, have to work hard for those precious creative musical products.
Ahhh…. it’s so easy for a music listener to diss the hard work of some stranger who’s gritty track is streaming on SoundCloud or somewhere. And that’s okay.
Everyone is growing and experiencing and at different points of acceptance.
Advice?    Yup.
Stretch out and listen to some difficult music sometimes. Ask teachers for advice on what’s the coolest thing Beethoven of Bach did (?) (And not the hit parade, that’s for the office cubicle, but the deep stuff). Try Brandeburg Concerto #5 by Bach. Serious! ~see below ~
And – here comes the poetics angle for creating your sound as an original stage act.
Please note, I am NOT talking about being the next ABBA, although I suppose you could the lesson to *whatever*.
Layers of Poetics.
With in a song and a melody. Poetic reflections in theme. melodic movement within the structure of a song.
Now you are heading onto the stage to perform a series of musical experiential MOMENTS that will really give a memory to your listeners. You listeners will want to become “participators”. They will be drawn like a magnet to your poetics. Stay balanced progress through your show with good strong beats and when it’s time for the thoughtful number, it doesn’t need to be too long, don’t lose the feel. Bring back a poetically fitting number that moves and inspires. Create these moments in your set. Imagine and design a musical set of songs. Re-develop songs you’ve done to fit in you poetic motif. (Look up “motif” – sort of like “theme”)
Try to control your stress and let it develop organically as possible. It doesn’t have to become pretentious (unless that’s the aim) but it will have to deliver something that, well, rocks.\
Keep in mind, the broad meaning of ‘music poetics’. 


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