What Do You Want To Know…?

What Do You Want To Know About Songwriting?

… ummmmmmmm… yeah, like where to start?

DO I START on piano, guitar, with a drum beat?

Okay – In My Opinion…

You ought to keep in mind that an actual SONG will need a melody. Where traditionally, you sing the lyrics. But a melody nonetheless.

Absolutely use a drum beat and a guitar or keyboard, but don’t worry about the chord progression so much at first. You can probably hear an instrumental hook if you feel you want one – later.

Take a handful of scale notes and emulate singing a melody as though the filler syllables were really a melody. Do you like to play in certain key? Does a certain key “sing” easily for you? Is it comfortable for your voice?

Let me pause here for a sec. Just in case your saying “You lost me, what exactly is a “Key” to sing in.

I’m serious – sign up for my lessons AND dig around in nelsjenstadmusic.com and learn what you can about the “pallet of musical choices” your “keys” – no- not the piano keys, I mean the scales and all that that infers. Sets of scale based chords.

Okay lets go on, you now know what the “keys” are and let’s say you picked the Key of G Major. You may like the first 5 scale steps to play a single note along with yourself as you sing something like “Da d’ da da  daaa da da” and you like that. Okay great, this is like the first line of a poem. Here you can employ some “poetics” and repeat the like same line again or vary it a bit if you need to give it a question/answer feel. Use this idea of the “poetics” of the melody notes.

I should repeat that last sentence about 120,000 times so it will sink in. Use this idea of the “poetics” of the melody notes!!  Real songwriting here, the chords will belong to your same key as you scale notes used in your melody. Now that you have your melody started work the chords with it.


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