Why So Few Like These?

Why are there so few composers like Bach, Beethoven, and why aren’t there more bands like Pink Floyd, Genesis, Yes, and ELP?

The super show music creators do not concern themselves with being competitive.

Creating material and working up performances is very consuming and just having all the elements in place is a monumental task.

Now the above list is a rare example of some of the very top. But the question remains, why aren’t there more like them?

In popular realms, there are plenty of groups to pay tribute to so many groups, Okay, no problem… but MUCH less of bands being recognized for being the new underground creators.

Just a thought, all this is considerably more difficult if were talking about classical music, isn’t it? Orchestras simply perform the great works, but nobody does it as a “tribute”. Why?

Think it through. The fast moving world of popular, even popular underground music barely takes a breath to get the next event on the books. It’s crowds and ticket sales and money makes the world the go ’round.

Classic music performance has a surprisingly strong following but could certainly be more if popular didn’t suck all the oxygen out of the music space {meta}.

Okay, there is a kind of ZEN lesson here for the composer, but SO MANY ignore it for the bright lights. BUT – the message is to compose the future. Write music that will be profound and will stand the test of time. Not just to shoot for a good weekend  when the streaming album comes out. Since were probably doomed to give our digital music away for virtually free, we creators will continue to be filtered out of existence. Stand up for your creative rights to you emotional labor of creative music.


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