On Teaching Music (Pt. One)

So easy to listen to.

You can listen to any music, understand the musicality – whether it suits your taste or not.

You can hear expect-ability, genre (classic, popular, moody space rock, R&B etc.)

so easy to pick a flavor or pass on it, isn’t it?

As a music educator, I have instructed many many beginners over the years and I can feel the expectancy and stress of how challenging it is to demand of yourself to play even a simple bit of music.

“There must be some way to conceive of this pushing the right buttons right in time with the beat machine.” (Add) “That I can do it – and sound like the music I usually listen to.”

Oh boy, if it’s that bad, the music beginner is going to need, first, an explainer on the idea of muscle memory, motor neurons, and conditioning.

There are many teachers who “audition” students before they be accepted. Usually this would be for school orchestras and bands. Music store ‘private’ or ‘one-to-one’ lessons normally will accept the early learner and try to work with the person.

ANY training before a person walks in to a music teacher will help. There is always the so called university of YouTube – where you might find some well targeted advice for starting off, but an inherent danger is having to search dozens of videos to find something that may work for you. The value of a real live teacher is the ability to assess just what the student needs to work on at every step of the way.




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