Engage your Audience

“John Lennon boiled down his songwriting method to this: “Say what you mean, make it rhyme, and put it to a backbeat.” Our minds want to complicate things; it makes us feel like we’re doing something. Following the path of beginner’s mind, we focus on the next right thing to do and don’t worry so much about being right. This does not mean don’t have goals and don’t be focused – on the contrary! You are more likely to achieve your goals if you approach them with beginner’s mind, with full attention on an activity as if you were doing it for the very first time. This is what many motivational coaches call “working smarter, not harder.”

excerpt from article by Chris Huff    http://blog.discmakers.com/2016/05/your-music-will-benefit-from-beginners-mind/

This article from discmakers is spot on absolutely right. The mind of someone who can embrace the journey of the unknown with energy and enthusiasm multiplies the power with the positive thought.

Recently in a guitar class I was teaching, I had an older fellow on guitar, and for some reason I decided to mention an Albert Einstein quote I recently heard – “Either you believe nothing is a miracle or you believe EVERYTHING is a miracle.”

I really like this quote because it takes me out my grumbling and complaining side and launches me into a head-space where I think -how it’s miraculous that the earth even exists.

Who cares if humans are having a wonderful time or not, here the infinite forces of the cosmos have left at our feet everything we need to make a brilliant go of it.

Well, this old timer didn’t agree with me at all. Or Einstein. He preferred to cling to his grumbling victimhood and hold the negativity close to his vest. “Life doesn’t have miracles.” I wasn’t going to psycho-analyze him, it was just a guitar lesson. I was only hoping to see if he could find a positive mindset while we were learning the guitar.

It’s okay, not everyone sees it things the same way.

The beginners mind is something like this, however. And somehow, at least for me, it seems like I should be accepting of the positive and appreciative attitude, if I really want my creative endeavor to result in something good. I don’t think I can write a song, much less record an album or rehearse a stage show if I’m going in to it with a crap attitude. I will stick with my sense of wonder type point of view.


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