Oh The Wonders!

Cynical as it sounds, it isn’t.

You may be missing out on classical music.

Not wanting to eat into your precious time, BUT -finding the mix tape of your favorites you don’t even know yet, is possible. Those greatest hit of Beethoven mixies are usually the “top 40” and represent the easiest stuff to wrap your head around.

Don’t go there.

I will put up suggestions here in this blog with frequency. Beethoven’s Romance for Violin, Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto #5. Stravinsky Firebird Suite – Ok, you folks who are already into Shostikovich, maybe this list isn’t exactly for you. But please join in by offering a suggestion or two for the “Listener’s List of Amazing Classic Music”

Really! just find the contact button either here or back at nelsjenstadmusic.com and send it on in.




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